If We Can’t Make it. It Can’t Be Made.

LAB Medical Manufacturing has been making medical instruments for over 26 years. We’re among the leading medical device manufacturers in our market segments, and the members of our management, engineering, and production associate teams are experts in their fields. At LAB Medical Manufacturing, we can examine a component and recommend the most efficient and most cost-effective solution to meet our shared goals of best cost and best patient outcome.

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Sports Medicine




Creating High-End Medical Devices in a Range of Materials.

LAB Medical is a world-class surgical tool manufacturer, plus we’re also considered among the leading orthopedic manufacturers. We hold a well-earned reputation for working with a range of materials to produce the very finest medical devices. In fact, if you only have a concept, we can fulfill the product design as well as manufacture it.

LAB Medical specializes in both small precision instruments, such as bone screws, plates, shavers, suture passers, drills, and taps, plus larger and complicated surgical instruments, such as fixation devices, retractors, drill guides, forceps, punches, and scissors, just to name a few.

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Design + DFM Engineering Services

LAB Medical Manufacturing is highly experienced medical device and surgical instrument manufacturer. We accomplish more in-house than medical device manufacturers twice our size.

What may seem like a simple surgical instrument often requires multiple operations to go from raw material to finished product. We perform virtually every operation in-house. In many cases, we create tooling, fixturing, and molds to get the job done right.

About lab medical

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